How to Migrate Email Accounts (cPanel to cPanel)


This article will walk you through how you can transfer your email accounts from one cPanel to another. This process is also known as Email Account Migration.


cPanel A = Server that the email account is currently on and will soon be moved from.
cPanel B = Server that you want to move the email account to.

Step 1: Prepare your new cPanel

Re-create the email account in your cPanel B.

Step 2: Download the files from your old cPanel

Log in to your cPanel A where the current email accounts are operating. You can retrieve your files in 2 ways: Using FTP or directly via File Manager.

From the root directory, navigate to ① mail → ② click the folder of the domain in question ( → ③ hit on the next folder whose name is the user email account in question (johnsmith).

You will be able to see a bunch of files inside it, but all you really need to copy are the new and cur directories (the maildirsize file is only optional, but is highly suggested to be included).

Step 3: Transfer – Upload your files to your new cPanel

Ready all the files you downloaded in step 2, upload the newcur, and maildirsize to cPanel B root directory: mail → → user-email-account. The folders should be automatically created when you accomplish the instructions in step 1. You can upload files in 2 ways: Using FTP or directly via File Manager.

Step 4: Update the DNS

Once you’re done following the steps above, all the necessary files should have been migrated. The last step would be to point your DNS records to the new server (cPanel B) in order for the mails to operate there from that point on.

Step 5: Send a Test Mail

After the propagation time, it will be best to send a test email to the accounts you migrated to see if they were successfully transferred and are functioning well on the new server.